Machinima / Smashtasm

Smashtasm is a Smash Bros Machinima series by Shippidge.

The series takes place in a universe where Super Smash Bros. Melee (and in season two, Brawl) is an online-playable MMORPG. The first season involves the main character, Super 64 (playing the default Mario), a newbie to the game, being invited to a "tournament server" by a player named Killa 7 (playing the default Bowser) but upon arrival to the location being hit from behind and K.O.'d, flying so far he ends up on a completely different stage. There, after a scuffle, he befriends the user 1337f0x (playing the default Fox) who tells him he got conned—tournaments aren't even a thing, and griefers just use the concept to lure players in and cheap-shot them, increasing their online rank in the process. Super 64 decides he has to find Killa 7 and knock him down a few pegs, interacting with a plethora of quirky players along the way, learning that 1337f0x is a Playful Hacker and getting wrapped up in a dispute with 1337f0x's former associate who suddenly got evil intentions...

The second season starts with the capturing of 1337f0x, with Super 64 (now a moderator) intending to save him. More information can be found at the character sheet.

This series has examples of: