Machinima / One Life Remaining

Anthony: I don't really have any friends, though it's not that I'm socially awkward, it's just that everyone at school is such a butthole. Or a nerd. Well, I'm a nerd too, sort of, but I mean like a lame-super nerd, like a guy who thinks "Numa Numa" is funny.

One Life Remaining is a Halo 3 comedy-drama machinima series by Jon CJ Graham, of Arby 'n' the Chief fame. The series follows Anthony Heitzmann, a lonely, self-admitted video game Nerd trying to get a life - with little success. It's notable for its significantly improved writing over Graham's previous attempts, but is now suffering from the same problems with Cerebus Syndrome his older shows have been infamous for, which has caused it to be less popular than it once was, as the first season rivaled Arby 'n' the Chief in popularity.

This series provides examples of: