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Machinima: An Empire Revisited
A comical machinima Fan Fic based on Star Wars, filmed using Jedi Academy.

Set shortly prior to the events of the Original Trilogy (and eventually overlapping with the first movie,) "An Empire Revisited" follows the story of an ensemble of Imperial Stormtroopers assigned the mind-numbingly boring task of patrolling the corridors of the Death Star.

The soldiers spend a couple of episodes indulging in goofy hijinks aboard the Death Star, Work Com style, before finally being sent to infiltrate a rebel base. From there, the usual roles of the factions in the Star Wars universe get reversed: the stormtroopers are our plucky misfit heroes, while the rebels are an evil terrorist organization.

It can be viewed here.
Provides examples of:
A Day in the Life of a CommissarMachinimaArby 'n' the Chief

alternative title(s): An Empire Revisited
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