Literature / Zombie Con 18

Thomas Dean lives a comfortable life—well, as comfortable of a life as possible during a zombie apocalypse. He has managed to survive for six years in the world of the undead, maintaining his sanity only through his cat Romero and a small group of survivors known as The Remnant, who operate on a salvaged version of the Internet. This all changes when he encounters Summer, a young human girl wandering the streets of his city. Noticing how good it feels having other humans around again, he suggests to the Remnant that they all meet up in person. As a result, ZombieCon '18 is born, and the survivors start making their way to the meeting point.

ZombieCon '18 is a work by The Nerdy Ninja, one that he describes as "just a fun project to help me develop my style." It is currently unfinished, but a somewhat retconned version is available here.