Literature / When Hell Freezes Over

When Hell Freezes Over is the first book of the urban fantasy paranormal romance series C.L.A.M.S. by T.M. Sullivan, first published in 2012.

The Bishop twins Artemis and Magnus are hunters of the supernatural and their hunt has brought them to Kenai, Alaska, in search of a hellhound that spooks the locals. While there, they get a room at the Donahue family's inn that the hellhound seems to guard and meet the unusual Caleb Donahue, a teenager that the whole town—and perhaps even members of his own family—seems to hate. Though they came to kill a hellhound, the twins might just end up saving it instead.

When Hell Freezes Over contains examples of:

  • Badass Bookworm: Magnus is incredibly well-read and more bookish than battle oriented, but can still fight when he needs to
  • Happily Married: Caleb's parents, again, and at first, Magnus and Artemis' parents
  • Hellhound: All Hellhounds are Hunter-types since the Guardian and Portent types are actually different dogs. Church Grims are Guardians and Black Dogs are Portents.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Magnus and Artemis Bishop have been raised by their mother to hunt all supernatural creatures
  • Mama Bear: Do not threaten Caleb when you're near Grace if you want to live
  • Missing Mom: The twins have no idea where their mother is, but they don't seem very concerned since they know she can take care of herself
  • Papa Wolf: Do not threaten Caleb around Daniel
  • Slave Race: Hellhounds are said to be this to demons