->''It was 13 o'clock on a typical day when the sky turned blue.''
-->-- The opening words of "Boy Meets Worlds", the first part of ''Unreal Estate''.

A WebOriginal serial written from 2001 through 2003 by Creator/{{Twoflower}}, ''[[http://stefangagne.com/unrealestate/ Unreal Estate]]'' tells the story of Mallory Heisenberg, a naive young man who wants to see the worlds!

See, in this setting, many, many [[PocketDimension worlds and realities]] are created by powerful "Reality Engines". The Engines allow a universe to be created to any specification you imagine - provided you can afford the vast fees demanded by [=RealWare=], the massive corporation that builds the Engines.

Mallory's home reality is the quiet and backward "Cooking and Farming" community of Grunwald, but a series of unlikely events and comical misunderstandings lead to him becoming the "Houseboy" of an all-female group of transient troubleshooters.

And then things really get complicated.

!!This series provides examples of the following tropes:

* {{Animesque}}: Like ''WebOriginal/SailorNothing'', ''Unreal Estate'' uses and plays with several tropes common to Anime and Manga -- most obviously, the HaremGenre.
* BluntMetaphorsTrauma: Mallory.
* CosyCatastrophe: [[spoiler:The "Quiet Apocalypse" that drove humanity into the artificial realities turned out to be this for the survivors. Although it was a combination of all of the most infamous potential ApocalypseHow scenarios happening at once, they weren't enough to destroy human civilization. [=RealWare=] abandoning the real world was enough to drive the survivors left behind to actually save the Earth themselves.]]
* MisappliedPhlebotinum: Becomes a plot element. Although ''Unreal Estate'' is set InAWorld where technology that allows pocket universes to be created to order is ubiquitous, it's mostly used to create a few [[PlanetOfHats Worlds of Hats]]. The most unusual world is the FirstPersonShooter world that automatically respawns "players" after lethal wounds. [[spoiler:The BigBad, Multi, reveals that he has a Vision about using the technology to its full potential, and YouCantMakeAnOmelette...]]
* PlanetOfHats: Each artificial reality has a theme to it.
* SupportingHarem: The general relationship dynamic between Mallory and the rest of Meiko's household. Although [[GoodBadGirl Lorelei]] enters a brief relationship with Mallory, it's made clear that the point was to make him learn how to act in a relationship before attempting a RelationshipUpgrade with Meiko.
* RealityWarper: [[spoiler:Both Multi and Mallory are able to manipulate the realities created by Reality Engines at will, although Mallory can only do it by accident at first.]]