Literature: The Vault of Heaven

The Vault of Heaven is a fantasy series by Peter Orullian

When a god, now named Quietus, is banished for letting his creations terrorize the world. Sealed in the Bourne with his creations and those loyal to him.

Thousands of years later. Tahn Junell; a hunter who doesn't remember his childhood. Is found by Vendanj, of the order of Sheason and his bodygaurd Mira, of the Far. Who must recruit Tahn; his sister Wendra; his best friend Sutter; and the Sodalist Brathen.

They must go on a quest to save the world. Because the borne holding Quietus is weaking and the Bar'dyn, Velle, and The Drathmort, are out to free there master and destroy the world.

The series so far consists of:
  • The Unremembered (2011)
  • Trial of Intentions(2015)

  • Sacrifice of the First Sheason (chapterbook)
  • The Great Defense of Layosah (chapterbook)
  • The Battle of the Round (chapterbook)

This series provides examples of:

Alternative Title(s):

The Vault Of Heaven