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Literature: The Ugly Barnacle

The most unforgettable scene from The Film of the Book.

"Once, there was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly that everyone died. The end."
The first and last lines, and ArcWords for the story as a whole

"The Ugly Barnacle" is a classic Short Story in the Pacific literary canon, the authorship of which is generally attributed to one Patrick Star. According to legend, Star improvised "The Ugly Barnacle" in an attempt to cheer up his friend, a Mr. SpongeBob SquarePants, who believed himself to be suffering from a case of the ugly at the time.note  Unfortunately, the story didn't help at all.

Despite the fact that "Barnacle" failed to accomplish its initial goal, it eventually found its way to Bikini Bottom's intellectual community, which hailed the story for its harsh realism, innovative use of minimalism, and detailed characterization. Slowly but surely, the story spread from Bikini Bottom to the rest of the world.

An animated film adaptation of the tale, also titled The Ugly Barnacle, was produced in 2000. Unusually, the movie is both a Film Of The Book and a Biopic, as it focuses on both the legendary story and the events surrounding its creation. The film managed to avoid many problems commonly faced by page-to-screen adaptations, a fact which many critics attributed to Star's heavy involvement in the film-making process. Experience this work of art here.and now in Spanish

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