Literature / The Three Worlds Cycle

Sci-fi/fantasy series (2 quartets, 1 trilogy and one series to come) by Australian author Ian Irvine dealing with the "Three Worlds" Santhenar (setting of most the series), Aachan, and Tallallame, and the four humanoid plus one races living there. Quite gritty and realistic; characters range from flawed to plainly insane. The series is also noted for its seemingly random mix of magic and science, and also large span of events.

The series consists of:
  • View from the Mirror quartet
    • A Shadow on the Glass
    • The Tower on the Rift
    • Dark is the Moon
    • The Way Between the Worlds
  • Well of Echoes quartet
    • Geomancer
    • Tetrarch
    • Scrutator (aka Alchymist)
    • Chimaera
  • Song of the Tears trilogy
    • Torments of the Traitor (aka The Fate of the Fallen)
    • The Curse on the Chosen
    • The Destiny of the Dead

Provides examples of: