Literature / The Seven Citadels

A High Fantasy tetralogy by Geraldine Harris, The Seven Citadels tells the story of Prince Kerish, son of the Emperor of Galkis and therefore tracing his ancestry back to the god Zeldin (with some superhuman powers that follow), and his illegitimate half-brother Forollkin, who go on a quest to find the seven keys to the prison of a legendary saviour who will be able to save the empire from imminent invasion by its barbarian neighbouring kingdoms. Each key is in the possession of a wizard, whom it grants immortality, and each wizard will have to be persuaded to relinquish it and therefore his eternal life.

An excellent example of a Plot Coupons quest, the series is Young Adult fantasy, but can just as well be read by adults. In addition to much outstanding Scenery Porn, it focuses on Kerish's growth from spoilt Sheltered Aristocrat to mature hero, and the moral dilemma inherent in making the wizards give up their keys. Oh, and expect some Nightmare Fuel, too.
Tropes appearing in this work: