Literature / The Katurran Odyssey

A very beautiful, underrated, and highly recommended illustrated novel by Terryl Whitlatch, who is best known as one of the key concept artists who worked on Star Wars. She designed many of the incidental characters. The book may be her way of saying, "No, I Did Not Make That Up" by depicting the very real creatures who inspired her.

The story is set in a world populated entirely by Intellectual Animals. Katook is a young Ring-Tailed Lemur who ventures to a forbidden area of his once-idyllic island home that is now in the grip of a famine. Learning a dark and terrible secret, and forever singled out by the deity of his people, he is banished by the tribal elders and ventures across the sea in search of other lemurs. Instead, he finds a wide variety of monkey tribes, each with differing opinions of Katook's destiny. He finds fierce, frightening creatures. And he finds Quigga, a conceited Quagga who gradually accepts the little primate first as a traveling companion and finally as an equal. Katook eventually receives a message from his god, returns to save his tribe, and good times are had by all.

The artwork in the novel is unbelievable. The story... is a perfect storm of The Hero's Journey Tropes and Animal Tropes. It's still cool to look at.

Tropes used include: