'''''The Guardians''''' is a sixteen book series written by VictorMilan (under the pen name Richard Austin) set AfterTheEnd of a devastating nuclear war in the USA in the 1980s. Four elite soldiers, one from each branch of the US military were selected to be "The Guardians", an elite Special Forces team answerable only to the President. After the war, they were charged with getting the President to safety then starting the rebuilding the country by seeking out the elements of the top secret "Blueprint for Renewal" plan.

The Guardians are:

* William [=McKay=] - {{Badass}} [[SemperFi US Marine]] and [[UsefulNotes/TheModernDayRambo Special Forces]] leader of The Guardians. The BigGuy and TheHero - enjoys kicking ass and taking names and the company of the ladies. Said to look a lot like Jim [=McMahon=] though not quite as pretty. Big enough to pack an M60 full dress machine gun as a personal weapon.
* Casey Wilson - AcePilot from the US Air Force and FriendlySniper. The most laid back and loose of The Guardians.
* Sam Sloan - US Navy Commander and survivor of an Exocet missile attack on his ship. A southern gentleman, neverless is still capable of beating a man to death with his bare hands.
* Tom Rogers - TheStoic and TheMedic of The Guardians and US Army [[UsefulNotes/TheModernDayRambo Special Forces]] veteran. [[BewareTheQuietOnes Quiet and unassuming]] he neverless is one of the few people even [=McKay=] would be loath to take on.