A trilogy in Creator/TerryBrooks's [[LongRunningBookSeries long-running]] ''Literature/{{Shannara}}'' series, these stories link ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' books to the main series.

Sometime in the near future, the once-human demons are winning their war against humanity. Civilization is collapsing with scattered havens of order surrounded by wastelands full of dangerous mutants, paranoid survivors, and lawless scoundrels, but there are a handful of heroes standing against the tide. The Knights of the Word fight the Void and its demon servants, but only two remain: Logan Tom and Angel Perez. While Logan searches for Nest Freemark's son Hawk to help him fulfill his destined savior role, Angel's quest is to find the last remaining Elves and ensure their survival into the new world.

The three books are:

''Armageddon's Children''

''The Elves of Cintra''

''The Gypsy Morph''

!!The series provides examples of:

* AfterTheEnd: About a generation or so after the Great War.
* BadFuture: The Knights in this trilogy are living the Bad Future that John Ross dreamed about in ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid.''
* CanonWelding: Establishes ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' as the backstory of ''Literature/{{Shannara}}''
* FantasyGunControl: Averted at this point in the ''Shannara'' timeline. Guns (especially flechettes), motorized vehicles and armed robots are still in relative abundance. Many of these break down over time, with fewer and fewer people having any knowledge of how to make them.
* LastOfTheirKind: Aside from the Elves, there are also the last remnants of the pre-Great War civilization. Such as a soldier hiding in an old ICBM facility who's hinted as being the last American.
* MemeticBadass: John Ross of ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' is this in-universe, decades after his death.
* RuinsOfTheModernAge
* ScavengerWorld: The survivors are rummaging on what's left of civilization.
* ShroudedInMyth: John Ross, to an extent. His heroics in ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' are apparently well known among the Knights.
* UrbanFantasy