''The Dangerous Days of Daniel X'' is a novel by James Patterson and co-author Michael Ledwidge, written in the same vein as his Maximum Ride series. Patterson returns to the realm of science fiction in this novel. It was released on July 21, 2008.

Daniel X, who has no other last name, has the best superpower ever: The power to create. He can create real objects, including people, with only his mind. In addition, he has super-speed (he outran a truck travelling at 100 miles per hour) and super-strength (he can flip a car in a somersault). He is also granted an extra long memory.

When he was 3 years old, Daniel's parents were brutally murdered by a praying mantis-like alien called the Prayer, who came in search of the List of Alien Outlaws on Earth. When Daniel's parents wouldn't hand it over, the Prayer killed them. Daniel survived only by transforming into a tick and grasping onto the Prayer's dreadlock hair as he fled from the burning house. After he lost his grip on the Prayer and fell off, Daniel vowed to kill the Prayer for the death of his parents, and returned to the site when he was 13 to recover the List.

Twelve years after the murder of his parents, fifteen-year-old Daniel X has taken up the task of his parents as Defender of Earth.

There are five more books in the series, ''Watch the Skies'', ''Demons and Druids'', ''Game Over'', ''Armageddon,'' and ''Lights Out.'' And like Patterson's earlier ''Literature/MaximumRide'' series, Creator/YenPress is adapting it into an OELManga by Creator/SeungHuiKye.

!!Tropes associated with this piece of literature

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* AsYouKnow: At the start of each book, Daniel explains to the reader how heís an alien, how he hunts aliens on Earth, [[DeathByOriginStory why he hunts aliens on Earth,]] and [[YouKilledMyFather how much he wants to kill Number 1.]] Sometimes [[ExaggeratedTrope Exaggerated]], since Daniel feels like telling this again to the viewer [[ViewersAreMorons after a chapter or two.]]
* BreatherEpisode: Daniel often takes a break from alien hunting to hang out with his imaginary friends, even if the alien isnít even dead yet.
* BroughtDownToNormal: As the final book demonstrates, Number 1 has sedatives powerful enough to cancel out Danielís [[RealityWarper Reality Warping]] temporarily. Either that or Number 1 can focus with his own reality warping [[PowerNullifier to shut Daniel down.]] It varies from time to time and [[UnreliableNarrator itís not always clear to Daniel, and by extension the reader.]]
* DeathByOriginStory: Danielís family and friends. He can imagine them back to life with his mind at any time, but he frequently points out to the reader that at the end of the day, theyíre all in his head.
* [[JustForPun Daniel X]] [[DeusExMachina Machina]]: When Daniel can [[RealityWarper just imagine himself out of a situation,]] his excuse to the audience for not imagining himself out of said earlier was that he was "distracted." However, the most [[ExaggeratedTrope Exaggerated]] example is the end of the last book, where [[spoiler: [[TheHeroDies Daniel is killed by Number 1]] and immediately [[CameBackStrong Comes Back Strong]] with all of his dead friends (all of whom we are then told could come back to life AT ANY POINT IN THE SERIES, and not just in Daniel's imagination.)]] And it doesn't stop there: [[spoiler: After a seven-day battle with Number 1 and his army, Daniel decides to go up against Number 1 one-on-one to the death, even if it was explained several times that it would guarantee the destruction of them both. But at the last possible second, Daniel's father comes back to life as well. [[MakeMyMonsterGrow He grows 1700 feet tall,]] [[BigDamnHeroes pulls Daniel to safety,]] and immediately pulls a TakingYouWithMe to Number 1. [[AndThereWasMuchRejoicing Series ends with a huge party.]]]]
* CardCarryingVillain: All the bad guys appear to be this.
* CoversAlwaysLie: The cover to the first book features the titular character holding The List; the problems is that it is depicted as a literal paper list, whereas in the book it is actual stored on an alien computer system. Granted it is mentioned that The Listís appearance can be altered, but it still never appears as an actual paper list in the book(Though it once appear as an old book once.
* EvilCounterpart: Number 2, aka Abbadon, is the BigBad of the fifth book in the series. Heís an Alpar Nokian, just like Daniel, and is literally {{Satan}}. [[spoiler: [[CriticalExistenceFailure Daniel imagines him to death.]]]]
* FirstPersonSmartass: To annoyingly high levels.
* GodOfEvil: Number 1 on the List, aka [[TheRedBaron the Prayer.]]
* HumansNeedAliens: Without alien hunters like Daniel, the world would've been destroyed very long ago.
* InsufferableGenius: Daniel.
* NewPowersAsThePlotDemands: Let's see, Daniel has the following powers:
** SuperStrength
** RealityWarper
** {{Telepathy}}
** [[spoiler:TimeTravel]] as of book three.
** MindOverMatter
** {{Animorphism}}
** SuperSpeed
* RealityWarper: Feels overshadowed by his other godlike powers.
* RuleOfCool: Attempted at the expense of [[FridgeLogic logic]].
* PhysicalGod: Daniel comes off as this combined with his DOZEN other superpowers one wonders what exactly Daniel can't do.
* RecycledInSpace: Film/JamesBond [-WITH A TEENAGE [[HumanAliens ALIEN]]!-]
* TotallyRadical: Just like James Pattersonís [[Literature/MaximumRide other young]] [[WitchAndWizard adult series]]
* XMakesAnythingCool: His name is Daniel X.