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Literature: The Champions
The Champions is a Super Hero Web Serial Novel written by Tiamatty. It was started in September 2011. It currently updates every Saturday. It also has two spin-offs: Aegis, also updating every Saturday, and Runaways, updating Sundays.

It follows the adventures of the eponymous team, both fighting villains and their day-to-day lives and interactions. There are initially 9 main characters, with 7 of them actually donning costumes to fight villains. Eventually, the Champions disbanded, with several members forming a new team, the West Coast Knights, in LA. After that team disbanded, one member of the original team formed a yet another new team, which was then called the Champions, much like the first team was.

This story provides examples of:

Chakona SpaceWeb Serial NovelChatoyant College

alternative title(s): The Champions
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