Literature / The Canticle

"There are two kinds of people in Sacristan: the quick and the dead."
Jonathan Servitor, The Canticle

The Canticle is a series of fantasy novellas by science fiction and fantasy author Micah E. F. Martin.

In High Sacristan, the last city on Earth, a powerful artifact known as the Canticle Engine preserves the remnants of humanity from the ravaged outside world. Thousands of years ago Man's civilization came to a sudden, bitter end and now legions of the restless dead roam endless, lifeless deserts in search of prey. The dead, and their enigmatic High Dead masters, are opposed only by a resurgent church that rules High Sacristan with an iron fist. The city's underbelly crawls with unspeakable monstrosities, and with humanity fast fading every life must be safeguarded. Enter the Inquisition, agents of the Church Militant tasked with cleansing the filth from Sacristan at any cost.

This is not a nice place or time to live.

Jonathan Servitor, a Knight in Sour Armor Inquisitor in the twentieth year of his service to the church, records the city's twilight years in his journals as he struggles with his own duties and beliefs.

  • "The Canticle: A Dark Fantasy Adventure"(2011)
  • "Prophanitus" (forthcoming)
  • "St. Anthony's Hammer" (forthcoming)
  • "Exodus" (forthcoming)
  • "Servitor" (forthcoming)
  • "Sanctum" (fortchoming)
  • "The Quick and the Dead" (forthcoming)

The Canticle provides examples of:

  • After the End: The Earth has been devastated by an unknown calamity.
  • Badass Grandpa: Stephen the Stonewright is hundreds of years old, yet still manages to kick serious ass.
  • Drop the Hammer: Stephen the Stonewright keeps a sanctified warhammer on hand at all times.