Literature: The Ashleys

Jealous? note 

The Ashleys is a book series by Melissa de la Cruz about three girls all named Ashley. They rule Miss Gamble's Preporatory School for girls with a (manicured) iron fist. Ashley Spencer is top dog, Ashley "A.A." Alioto is the tomboy and Ashley "LiLi" Li is the Asian and Nerdy girl being raised by her Education Mama. Enter Lauren, whose family suddenly becomes rich when her fathers new site Yourtv takes off. She decides to take down the Ashleys and 'free' the rest of the school from their power.

Unfortunately, Lauren is an Ashley at heart with few redeeming qualities and she finds herself trying not to take them down, but trying to fit in and becoming more like them. And while she's still trying to take the Ashley's out, her plan becomes less 'to free the school' and more 'so I can rule it'.

Not to be confused with the other Ashleys (though they're very snobby as well).

The series contains the following books:

  • There's a New Name In Town
  • Jealous?
  • Birthday Vicious
  • Lip Gloss Jungle

This series exhibits the following tropes:

Note: For reference, Ashley Spencer will be referred to as Ashley, Ashley Li as LiLi and Ashley Alioto as A.A.