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Literature: Tales from the White Hart
Tales from the White Hart is a 1957 collection of short stories by Arthur C. Clarke. Rather different from his standard hard science fiction fare, Tales is a collection of stories—tall tales, really, in the English tradition of the "pub tale"—told by the bloviating, impossibly well-connected, and utterly enchanting Harry Purvis, at The White Hart, a pub at which London's SF fandom hung out in The Forties and The Fifties. It's all told to us by an Expy of Clarke himself ("Charles Willis", one of his pseudonyms).

Fifteen White Hart stories are included in the collection:

  • "Silence Please" - About a student who invents active noise control and uses it to pull a tremendous prank.
  • "Big Game Hunt"
  • "Patent Pending" - About a man who invents VCR for the brain.
  • "Armaments Race"
  • "Critical Mass"
  • "The Ultimate Melody" - About inventing the ultimate Ear Worm.
  • "The Pacifist" - About the invention of a military computer
  • "The Next Tenants"
  • "Moving Spirit" - About a novel method of distilling and aging whisky.
  • "The Man Who Ploughed the Sea"
  • "The Reluctant Orchid"
  • "Cold War"
  • "What Goes Up" - About some Australians who invent Anti Gravity by accident
  • "Sleeping Beauty"
  • "The Defenestration of Ermintrude Inch" - Wouldn't you like to find out!


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