''Spes Phthisica'' is a story of humanity's futures told in scraps and fragments, as if from bits of documents recovered after a great spance of time. It is eventually planned to include a time span of tens of thousands of years and several alternate timelines, but currently is just beginning.

Helen is an artist of the late 1850s, suffering a severe case of tuberculosis.[[note]]Spes phthisica'' is a feeling of euphoria and recovery commonly experienced by TB patients, sometimes at the very moment of death.[[/note]] She has recently begun to receive strange dreams of the distant future, perhaps some sort of message...

can be found at http://spesphthisica.blogspot.com

Spes Phthisica includes the following tropes:

* DreamingOfThingsToCome
* IceWorld / GrimUpNorth : The future seen in Helen's foretelling dreams, an iced-over future Earth where the Sun has dimmed dramatically.
* MentalTimeTravel: Information (dreams, visions, images, messages) can travel back in time, but matter can't conservation of mass, and all...)
* TheNightThatNeverEnds
* TrueArtIsAngsty : Helen's art only becomes popular when the dead landscapes of her dreams start entering into it
* WeirdMoon : Huge, dim and reddish in the future, due to the dimmer sunlight and its being closer to the Earth