[[caption-width-right:300:Will Daire be able to survive her training?]]

''The Soul Seekers Quartet'' is a series of Young Adult novels written by Alyson Noël. The first book ''Fated'' was published in 2012, the rest of the series has yet to come out. The official website is [[http://www.soulseekersseries.com/ here]]

The series follows Daire Santos, a sixteen year old girl with strange powers. After she appears to have a mental breakdown, her mother sends her to live with her grandmother, Paloma, in Mexico.

There is a short crossover story between this series and ''Literature/TheImmortalsSeries'' [[https://apps.facebook.com/soulseekersseries/Exclusives here]]

There are four books in the series:
* ''Fated'' Released May 2012
* ''Echo'' To be released November 2012
* ''Mystic'' Release date unannounced
* ''Horizon'' Release date unannounced
!!''Fated'' provides examples of:

* BlessedWithSuck: The things that Daire sees in the beginning of Fated cause her to be temporarily institutionalized.
* EvilTwin: Dace's twin Cade is this.
* FoeYay: Cade [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this to try and mess with Daire's head.
-->'''Cade:''' You've been thinking a lot about me, haven't you Santos?
* MentorArchetype: Paloma, Daire's grandmother, is this.
* VisionQuest: Daire and all other Sould Seekers must go through one.
* SignificantAnagram: Cade and his twin brother Dace's names are anagrams of each other.
* SpiritAdvisor: Daire's is the raven.