"Sir Aldingar" is Literature/{{Child Ballad|s}} #59.

The title knight tries to seduce the queen. When she rejects him, he puts a leper in her bed and told the king that she was unfaithful -- and not even with a right good knight. The king orders them both executed. The queen demands a trial by combat, if she can get a champion. A messenger in search of one is sent back by what looks like a four-year-old boy, but who knows what the queen dreamed. He appears and mortally wounds Aldingar in the fight. Aldingar confesses. The king and queen are reconciled, and the leper is miracluously cured and serves the king as a steward.

Francis Child's variants listed [[http://www.sacred-texts.com/neu/eng/child/ch059.htm here]].
!!Tropes included
* BeautyEqualsGoodness: The mysterious, possibly angelic champion who fights for the queen.
-->''A louelie child was hee;''
%%* DamselInDistress: The queen
* DeathbedConfession: Aldingar is mortally wounded by the mysterious champion, and confesses his MaliciousSlander before he dies.
* DreamingOfThingsToCome: The queen recounts a dream of having been attacked by a grim beast and saved by a little hawk. Now that she has been attacked by MaliciousSlander, she sends a messenger to search for a champion.
* DuelToTheDeath: Aldingar and the mysterious champion's TrialByCombat ends in Aldingar's death.
* HistoricalFiction: In some versions, the king and queen are [[UsefulNotes/HenryTheSecond Henry Plantagenet]] and UsefulNotes/EleanorOfAquitaine.
* MaliciousSlander: When the queen rebuffs the titular knight, he puts a leper in her bed and accuses her of adultery to the king.
* RightMakesMight: The queen's innocence is vindicated by a beautiful little boy who successfully defends her in TrialByCombat against a grown knight.
* SwarmOfRats: In some variants, the queen's hair is unkempt from the mice and rats gnawing on it while in prison.
* TrialByCombat: The queen demands this as her right when defending herself against MaliciousSlander.
* WomanScorned: GenderFlipped. Sir Aldingar slanders the queen with charges of infidelity for having rebuffed his advances.