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Literature: Silicon Wolfpack
Silicon Wolfpack is an Urban Fantasy Web Serial Novel about the adventures of Blaze, and his relatively normal friends, Mark and Murgatroyd, who are not Those Two Guys. And Richard the wisecracking reaper.

It begins In Medias Res, with the three protagonists attempting to steal something from a hard-to-get-at server inside a large office building in London. They are conducting a security evaluation for the company - or so they think. Turns out that the signature they were given wasn't legitimate, and they were pawns of an unknown third party. And, strangely enough, the company they stole from hasn't called the police, but has decided to come after them with guns, probably because they want to keep the stolen information absolutely secret. And then they start running into the supernatural elements of the setting.

P. G. Wodehouse meets Our Werebeasts Are Different meets Shonen.

Can be found here.

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