Literature / Revenge of the Examiner

  • Big Bad: Arc 1: This arc is complex because the first book tells readers that Randy, a 49 year old examiner, invades and kills the bullies who tormented him. The second book reveals Randy's Start of Darkness, where Garcia reveals to Joey that the examiner was a child who defended his classmates in elementary school against school bullies, and this was when Randy made a deal with Clavo to fight off the bully picking on him. In the process, he tells Dark Blossom to serve as The Dragon to Randy, and this was how he became wicked. At the end of the third book, Dark Blossom betrays him to serve Clavo. He then orders Dark Blossom to kidnap Randy's parents for fun, causing Randy's Start of Darkness. The premise of the fourth book describes Clavo's plan to take over Canada. Clavo is arrested and Dark Blossom starts a prison break, freeing Clavo from his prison. Clavo then suggests to Dark Blossom to free Black Hole from his prison so that he can rule Canada, but things didn't go his way. Dark Blossom betrays Clavo to serve Black Hole. In the fifth book, Clavo and Black Hole make plans to rule the world. Black Hole then betrays Clavo, causing him to form an alliance with Joey to stop his reign. Joey then suggests to Clavo to get Void 4 to stop Black Hole. Once Black Hole is defeated, Randy reverts into a child, and Void 4 promises him that he will find his birth parents. Clavo turns back into a nice person and thanks Joey, who then persuades Clavo to find religion, while Dark Blossom goes and succeeds where Clavo fails.

    • In the second Arc, Void 4 and Joey go into depths of the magical realm to see clues to where Dark Blossom may have hid Randy's parents.
  • Bigger Bad: Black Hole is the true antagonist of the first arc, manipulating both Clavo and Randy. Other than that, there is no bigger bad in the subsequent arcs.
  • Enemy Mine: After Black Hole betrays Clavo, Clavo forms an alliance with Joey to stop his reign.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Invoked by Garcia- "If you can't defeat a wicked person you must confront him/her with another kind of evil."
  • Heel–Faith Turn: Clavo does this at the end of the first arc.
  • The Hero: Joey
  • Noble Demon: Void 4, he weakens Black Hole enough for Clavo and Joey to beat him.