Literature / Resonance, Book One: Birds of Passage

Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage (by BJK White) is a dark, slightly gritty ensemble fantasy novel set in a vaguely post-apocalyptic world. Young people all over the world are developing mysterious powers—elemental control, healing abilities, emotional manipulation and so on—and the public reactions to these powers ... well, they're not positive.

Enter the mysterious Mr Fin, an older gentleman with a very nice (if old-fashioned) hat—and a plan to gather together all of these poor lost dispossessed youths. There is a place he knows of, a potential sanctuary, and a small but powerful statue that was once in his possession—if he can just retrieve the statue and get his disparate group to this 'sanctuary' then things might just work out fine for everyone.

Except, of course, getting the statue proves more difficult than anticipated, and problems crop up, and conflict, and hardship, and loss ...

... but there's always hope.

Isn't there?

More about the book can be found at Clover Island Publishing.

Tropes used in this work include:

  • After the End: The story takes place more than a century after the Devastation, an event that appears to have killed people but left buildings standing.
  • An Ice Person: Talise specializes in creating cold.
  • Burn the Witch!: Pyre built an entire society around this. If burning fails, they proceed to disembowelment with swords.
  • Healing Hands: Lina has this power, although it doesn't always work out how she'd like it to.
  • Making a Splash: Maya has water control as her ability.
  • Playing with Fire: Several characters, although it's more 'heat' than 'flames'.
  • Shock and Awe: Ada and Ren both have lightning powers; Ada's focus is on control, Ren's is on making as big and powerful a bolt as he can.
  • Shoot the Rope: Selene during an example of the aforementioned witch-burning.
  • Super Senses: Selene's eyesight is preternaturally good. She can also alter her own awareness of time to 'slow' her perception of reality.

Alternative Title(s): Birds Of Passage