Literature / Primeval Extinction Event

Primeval: Extinction Event is a spin-off book for the ITV television series Primeval. It was written by Dan Abnett. The novel is considered canon within the Primeval universe, and it is set between Episode 2.7 and Episode 3.1. In Primeval, mysterious holes in time called anomalies begin to open up, allowing animals from millions of years in the past to time-travel into the present-day, causing massive death and destruction. A secret government organization called the Anomaly Research Centre (ARC) is formed to combat the threat.

The novel begins in Siberia, where a Russian man named Dima is ambushed and silently killed by a Tyrannosaurus rex while smoking a cigarette. Meanwhile, in London, the ARC team is busy dealing with an Entelodon incursion. Afterwards, they head to the Central Metropolitan University. While the team is at the university, Nick Cutter, Connor Temple, and Abby Maitland are kidnapped by two mysterious Russian men, who then take them to Siberia. When they arrive in Siberia, they discover that the Russians are dealing with the same problem that they have in England; prehistoric animals (in this case, Late Cretaceous dinosaurs) are appearing and wreaking havoc, and the reason why the Russians kidnapped the team was because they thought that they could help them with their dinosaur problem.

After several incidents with the dinosaurs, Cutter soon realizes that they are facing an even bigger problem, much more serious than the dinosaurs. If they don't stop it, it could possibly wipe out all life on Earth in two distinct eras.

This book provides examples of:

  • Mercy Kill: While the team are in the Permian, a soldier named Tim Jenkins is attacked and severely injured by a Dimetrodon. Helen Cutter then suggests that they should kill him immediately so that he doesn't suffer anymore, but Jake Hemple refuses. Later, while the team are in the Cretaceous, Jenkins is killed by Troodons. Hemple is devastated by his death, and realizes that Helen was right.
  • Raptor Attack: Troodon appears in the novel.
  • Tyrannosaurus rex: T. rex appears as the main dinosaur antagonist in the novel. A large female tyrannosaur comes through an anomaly into Siberia, and is nicknamed Baba Yaga by the Russians. A male tyrannosaur also appears. The tyrannosaurs end up killing several people, including Nikolai Medyevin. The male and female tyrannosaur then fight. The female wins, and ends up killing the male. Afterwards, she continues to roam the forests of Siberia.