Literature: Prayers for the Assassin

Prayers for The Assassin is a 2006 speculative fiction political thriller novel by American author Robert Ferrigno. It takes place in the year 2040 in the former United States.After near economic collapse and nuclear suitcase bomb attacks on New York C Ity, Washington D.C. and Mecca, the attacks were found to be the workof a Jewish Mossad team and many celebrities converted to Islam, causing the majority of the population to convert to Islam. The Christian portion of the remaining population declaredthemselves independent and a civil war broke out, ending with an uneasy truce and an official death toll of 9 million, which is later implied to be short by about 27 million.The former USA now consists of several different powers:

The Islamic Republic, a moderate theocracy consisting of the northern half of the former US, along with California, Arizona, New Mexico, and most of Colorado, withthe capital located in Seattle, Washington.The Bible Belt is a separatist republic that consists mainly of the states of the former Confederacy along with Tennessee, Kentucky, both Virginias, and most of Missouri. The government is also along the lines of the Confederacy as well. The capital is located in Atlanta, Georgia.Nevada remains its own free state, having become the financial and information capital of the world.Utah has become a Mormon state that is constanly involved in border skirmishes with the Islamic Republic.