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The six books of Anne [=McCaffrey=] and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough's ''Petaybee'' series are divided into two trilogies: ''Petaybee'' and ''The Twins of Petaybee''. The protagonist of the first is Yanaba "Yana" Maddock, a soldier sent to the planet of Petaybee when injuries from a terrorist attack make it impossible for her to continue in the army. In the second trilogy, the central characters are Yana's children, Ronan Born for Water and Murel Monster Slayer Maddock-Shongili.

In all six books, the plot is basically the same: the planet must be protected from Intergal, an interplanetary company that wishes to relocate the inhabitants so it can mine for valuable minerals.

The series is not nearly as well known as the [=McCaffrey=] Literature/DragonridersOfPern books, but is often considered to be of greater quality, as a whole.

Books in this series:

* ''Powers That Be'' (1993)
* ''Power Lines'' (1994)
* ''Power Play'' (1995)
* ''Changelings'' (2005)
* ''Maelstrom'' (2006)
* ''Deluge'' (2008)

!!This series contains examples of:

%%* ActionMom: Yana
%%* BadassNormal: Yana
%%* BigBad: Intergal
%%* CatsAreMean: played with
%%* ChildrenAreInnocent: 'Cita, oddly
%%* CultureClash: the cult that raised 'Cita and the rest of Petaybee
* DepartureMeansDeath: Any native of Petaybee over a certain age cannot leave the planet's surface (due to [[TouchedByVorlons adaptations]] that allow them to live comfortably in the planet's sub-arctic climate). Organ shutdown and death will occur within a matter of days.
%%* GeneticEngineeringIsTheNewNuke: the Shongilis
* GeniusLoci: The planet Petaybee was 'awakened' through the {{terraform}}ing methods used to make the planet habitable by humans and communicates with its inhabitants through hallucinations that are given through a network of special caves. It's also capable of changing the climate/topography of the land when it's so inclined to benefit its inhabitants or drive off bad guys. The first several books hinge around the Company who terraformed the planet trying to recoup its investment and the inhabitants' efforts to convince them of the planet's sentience.
%%* GuineaPigFamily: the Shongilis
%%* KindheartedCatLover: Clodagh
%%* LighterAndFluffier: ''The Twins of Petaybee''
%%* LongLostSibling: Bunny and [[spoiler: her younger sister, 'Cita.]]
* TheLostLenore: In ''Powers That Be'', the death of Yana's first husband is suggested to be the reason she joined the [=InterGal=]'s military in the first place (which led to the injuries that led her to be shipped to Petaybee, the company's version of a desk job in a podunk town). Her growing feelings for Sean Shongili bring back memories of Husband #1.
%%* MamaBear: Yana
%%* MegaCorp: Intergal
%%* MenaceDecay: Dr. Luzon and Intergal
%%* PowersThatBe: Intergal again
%%* PrecociousCrush: a particularly disturbing example
%%* RaisedByWolves: 'Cita
%%* RuleOfDrama: a staple of [=McCaffrey=]'s work
%%* SecondLove: Sean to Yana.
* SelkiesAndWereseals: The series employs the selkie myth in a futuristic setting. The Shongili family uses genetic engineering to create a selkie (Sean). Sean's kids are natural-born selkies as well. There's a hint from Sean that his grandmother was a selkie. He says she "taught him how to swim", with a significant wink at Yana.
* SpinOffspring: The second trilogy's protagonists, Murel and Ronan, are the offspring of the first trilogy's protagonist, Yana.
%%* TakeOverTheWorld: rare justified example
* TouchedByVorlons:
** Petaybee changes those who live on it to allow them to live comfortably in the planet's sub-arctic climate.
** Sean Shongili was further altered to be able to transform into a seal-like creature. (The reason why isn't really explored to any depth.)
* UnfortunateNames: The cult that raised 'Cita gave all of its girls humiliating names, until they "came of age." (Read: became old enough to join the leader's harem). 'Cita's name was "Goat-Dung."
%%* UntoUsASonAndDaughterAreBorn: Murel and Ronan
%%* VillainWithGoodPublicity: the Intergal corporation