Literature: Nondescript

Nondescript is a multiple chapter web novel under construction by troper Crazer as something to do in his easily wasted spare time.

In an Alternate History, an unknown amount of time before the start of this tale, a planet is struck with a sort of curse that drenches it in near-perpetual rain, only stopping at selected intervals. This downpour, in addition to the environmental hazards it produces, also has the most peculiar effect on humans and animals ever seen: It takes their personality traits that they exhibit through speaking and changes their appearance accordingly.

People this force deems "Nice" people remain the same, while the people who give into their darker, uglier impulses will perish their human form and be mutated into hideous monsters. This leads to the only logical conclusion that people cannot talk at all.

To protect against this, the small scrap of humanity left construct "Containers": small, community-based residential towns that are partially protected from the disasterous rain, offering Semi-Magic based protection from it's effects, right down to each one having an artificial sun. It is in the largest of these small cities that the story takes begins, the Container of Torrent. Torrent has recently been experiencing minor glitches in the system that makes up the protection unit, housed under the city. As such, the council is worried that it is only a matter of time before the system controlling the sun malfunctions completely, allowing the rain to make it's effect known upon the city....

Inspiration is primarily taken from two child's novels he read when he was younger: The City of Ember, and The Giver. Other inspiration include Shin Megami Tensei, walks in the rain, and Legend of Zelda games, especially Majora's Mask, among plenty of other games. And in the Film department: WALL-E.

Character sheet coming soon. Whatever soon means.