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Literature: Nocturnal Witchcraft
Nocturnal Witchcraft is a non-fiction occult book written by Konstantinos detailing his experience with a new tradition of Wicca that he has named "nocturnal Wicca." Nocturnal Wicca exists on the premise that there is good and evil but there is also light and dark. Good people can be dark and evil people can be light. Nocturnal Wicca is meant to appeal to people who are good but also dark, who appreciate the moral structure of the Wiccan Rede but who also appreciate darker deities and concepts.

Nocturnal Witchcraft and its sequel, Gothic Grimoire provide examples of:

  • Blood Magic: Mentioned in Gothic Grimoire.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: In the book's introduction, Konstantinos states that the distinctions between light and dark are very different from the distinctions between good and evil and that "darkness" and "evil" are unrelated concepts.
  • The Golden Rule: Nocturnal Wiccans are encouraged to keep the Wiccan Rede in mind to keep their darkness moral.

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