Literature / Naomis Revenge

A one-shot webstory written by Solar Crimson. It was his final story of the year 2009, and perhaps his greatest undertaking as far as standalone stories are concerned. Can be read here.

Naomi Hsiao is a talented researcher and inventor at a research facility known as Horizons. Backed by an eager and loyal team, she is working to create a growth ray, but has been hitting snags in her progress. In her private life, she is engaged to newly-elected city councilman Eric McBlake, and she also meets up with her old college friend Calvin. Despite the setback at her lab, things are looking particularly bright for her life and career. Little does she know that her reunion with Calvin would set off a chain of events that would attempt to unravel everything she's worked for...

After finding out that Eric had been cheating on her, she first starts to head directly to where Eric and his mistress are currently having their rendezvous, but then she remembers her growth ray, and heads back for the lab to really make an impression on her unfaithful fiancée. And it just so happens that her growth ray works successfully when she needs it the most.

It is a homage to the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Aimed at the size-changing crowd, but has enough literary merit for more mainstream appeal. In fact, there is barely any overly sexual situations, instead focusing more on the characters and the story as it unfolds. There is also no size-changing (at least, on humans) during the first half of the story, and for a standalone work, it is rather long.

Naomi's Revenge contains examples of the following:

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