Literature: Mysterious Ways A Divine Comedy

"It is funny. Because if it weren’t funny, it would just be depressing and tragic."

"Okay, so… less talking, more lighting teachers on fire. Got it."
Alex, completely out of context.

A Pagan angel, a Microsoft-hating supercomputer, open source magic, an adorable werecat nap-god*, and other crazy ideas lie within this story about mortal gods and computer scientists.

MW:ADC is a comedic science fantasy furry webserial novel, centering around a group of gods in mortal form and their attempts to find their place in the world, discover The Truth of the universe, defeat injustice, and help Linux take over the world.

A humorous excursion into the dark, abysmal unknown of the universe, society, religion, and human nature... with KITTENS!!*

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  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    • For example:
    Damn, you theWriter!! You heartless, sadistic freak! How could you?
    theWriter: It’s not me! It was… um… well, there’s this guy who’s totally evil, and… uh… he did it. He’s responsible for it all. Everything bad. All him. Not my fault. His name? Uh… Scape. Scape the Goat.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Alex explains dark and light magic:
    In light magic, the power is siphoned off someone else, either a spirit/deity, or a group of other magicians. The benefit is that the individual magician doesn’t need to be powerful, because the power comes from elsewhere. It also tends to be easier, because the magical energy comes pre-packaged for whatever spell you need.
    Dark magic, on the other hand, is self-contained. The magician uses their own power, so they’re free to use it as they wish. Harder, but you don’t have to worry about some deity saying “nah, I don’t really care about your issues. You’re (insert disadvantaged minority here).” Seriously, it happens. Deities can be highly judgmental.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Every angel is given a choice between training to be a "divine servant", or having their wings cut off and their magic stripped away. This is rationalized by the belief that angels are created specifically to act as divine servants, and if they're not going to do that, they don't really need wings or magic.
  • Fantastic Racism: Angels have a strong hatred of 'cubi (succubi/incubi).
  • Holier Than Thou: The angels as a whole. Despite being an entirely mortal genus of birds, they claim to be of divine origin, descended directly from the Judeo-Christian God, and insist that they are literally holier than anyone of any other species could possibly be.
    • Angels have their own branch of Christianity, characterized by a refusal to allow any non-angels to serve as priests, because they "don't want to hear about God from one of His rejects." To be fair, several of the regular Christian churches have banned angels from even attending mass. (To be fair again, they're thrown out because of all the incidents of angels accusing the priest of not having proper authority to speak for their god.)
    • To be fair, they are better at divine magic than other creatures like humans, and they make an effort to lend a hand to those in need. Well, except for non-Christians. Or 'cubi. Or homosexuals. Or anyone that has had recreational sex. Or people in an inter-species relationship. Or furries. Or anyone supportive of any of the aforementioned categories.
    • They also insist that angels should only have sex while possessed by the Holy Spirit, so that they can claim God is the father, and they are thus the only true (literal) "Children of God".
  • Horny Devils: 'cubi (succubi and incubi) are one of the most misunderstood species in Alicrow. Probably because they need to force their eggs into someone else's body.
  • Magic Versus Science: Most of the world believes that magic and science are fundamentally incompatible, but Alex, Zack, and Aiinacs
  • Our Angels Are Different:
    • Angels are birds, complete with beaks and cloacas. They have a humanoid body shape, but to call them "winged humans" would NOT be accurate.
    • Angels are in kind of an in-between area in terms of divinity. They try to be like the biblical angels, answering prayers, protecting people, and spreading divine messages, but they're not really divine.
  • Religion Is Magic: Mostly. The angels would have you believe that all power comes from their god, but it's not actually clear where exactly magic comes from. But it does require training, focus, and a sense of confidence that one is following the right path, all of which religion can provide, so for the most part, yes, magic comes from religion.
  • Wizarding School: the Angel Academy.


  • Alex:
    Lilly: Oh, God. They were going to eat you?!
    Alex: Once they figured out how best to prepare me, yeah. I mean, they figured it would be their last meal, so they wanted to make sure it would be a really good one. Naturally, without the proper ingredients, they couldn’t cook me as a deviled egg or anything real fancy–not even a proper omelette. And they didn’t have a big enough pot to boil me or–
    • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Angels are well-known for proudly proclaiming themselves "God's Chosen People", complaining about technology being a distraction from God, and protesting any new technology/magic (e.g. genetic engineering) that allows people to "play God". Alex is a Pagan angel working in a scientific research center responsible for strong AI, artificial meat, body enhancements, and other such technologies.
  • Lucifer:
    • Mad Oracle
    • Creepy Monotone: Creepy even without the monotone.
      Lucifer: I am going to eat your soul deep-fried in peanut butter, basted with chocolate, and lightly drizzled in caramel.
    • The Chess Master: He knows the future, and the future states quite clearly that he will manipulate everyone into following the path he has forseen.
    • Because Destiny Says So: This is the closest thing he has to a code of ethics. Whatever is supposed to happen, he will ensure that it does. Whether it's the Holocaust or the cure for cancer, he'll play his part.
    • Sadist:
      • After Lilly is severely injured, Lucifer convinces Alex to unleash his powers (which is risky) so he can save her life. Then Lucifer reveals that he had medical supplies and the surgical knowledge to have saved her without putting anyone in danger. Alex asks him why he didn't just use the medical supplies, and he says it had to happen this way to set events in motion.
    Alex: You’re saying this was planned out? Just to manipulate me?
    Lucifer: Not just to manipulate you. It was also… [Smiles] Fun. So much fun. Laughing as you were assaulted by your insane teacher. So. much. fun. And there is always more fun around the corner.
  • Aiinacs:

  • The Doctor:

Specific to chapter/arc:

  • Sadist Teacher: Ms. Slaphappy. She hits students with a ruler for any number of reasons, including sleeping, talking back, not paying attention, or just not succeeding in class. This would be bad in a math class. In a class for meditation and magic, it's downright unfair, since meditation looks just like sleeping, and magic is hard to do while the teacher attacks you.

 * Kittens coming soon. Actual adorableness may vary based on strength of your love for kitties.