Literature: Magicals Anonymous

Face adversity with a smile.

"While all and any are welcome to attend the regular meetings of Magicals Anonymous, or even pop by at our drop-in surgery, we do ask that if you are inclined to spontaneous combustion or actively leaking organic fluids from the unwinding hollows of your flesh, you use the overalls provided"
Notice pinned to the offices of Magicals Anonymous, 89C Little Lion Street, London

Magicals Anonymous is an Urban Fantasy series by Kate Griffin (a pen name of Catherine Webb]). It is a sequel to the Matthew Swift series that follows a new protagonist, shaman Sharon Li.

The story opens with the formation of a new community support group for the mystically inclined. Meanwhile, London faces new threats that not just any old magician will be able to face alone.

The novels include:
  • Stray Souls (2012)
  • The Glass God (2013)

Tropes featured include: