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Literature: Ludas Matyi
Lúdas Matyi is an epic poem written by the Hungarian poet Mihály Fazekas, based on a folk tale. The poem tells the story of a peasant boy, Matyi, trying to sell his geese at the country fair. The local lord Döbrögi claims the geese for himself, and when Matyi protests, the lord orders his soldiers to beat him up. Matyi swears revenge: he will beat up Döbrögi three times. By using various disguises, he succeeds.

The poem was adapted to film a few times, including an 1977 Animated Adaptation from Pannonia Film Studio, directed by Hungarian cartoonist Attila Dargay. There is also a popular Audio Adaptation by György Schwajda.

The poem and the animated film provide examples of:

    Creator/Pannonia Film StudioSon of the White Horse
The Rabbit With The Checkered EarsEastern European AnimationMagyar Népmesék
Kitten Named WoofThe SeventiesMagyar Népmesék
The Grateful BeastsNon-English LiteratureThe Red Lion

alternative title(s): Ludas Matyi
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