Literature / Linda

Linda is really nothing serious, more just practice and for fun than anything else. I have a vague idea of where the story leads to later on, but really I'm just writing at my own pace.

It's a story about Devan, a deliveryman working for a service geared for anonymity (leading to many less than pleasant customers.) who eventually meets a girl named Belinda (who goes by the name of Linda.) as a client. She seems normal enough, despite the fact she's a client of the notorious service he works for, and her refusal to allow visitors in her apartment. Linda is a regular customer of the service as a means to get groceries, and on his first day, Devan actually engaged her in conversation instead of just leaving the bags by the door.

The next week, Linda orders the delivery expressly requesting Devan. After the second delivery, Linda gives Devan her phone number (to which Devan gives her his.) and they soon enter a routine of calling each other and talking in person weekly after her delivery, which is always Devan's last delivery of the night. Little known to Devan, Linda is actually a lamia!Read the butchered, half complete first draft of the first short story here: (The "-=-=-=-=-=-" Is where parts of the story from Linda's point of view will be inserted. The main story of the first short is almost done, but has a few more paragraphs to go. At least 3 short stories are planned.)

Tropes featured in this work:
  • Author Appeal: This author had no clue how much the concept of constriction or bondage, for that matter appealed to him until after writing the first embrace scene, where Linda wraps the two of them together tightly with her tail.
  • Character Development: at least one subtle example being how at first, Devan seems to hate things that are tight, squeeze, or otherwise bind. after a few tastes of Linda's preferred way of showing affection, this changes... quickly.
  • Meaningful Name: A subtle instance. A rare meaning for the name Belinda is "beautiful serpent". One of the meanings for Devan is "fawn" which is meaningful knowing the relationship of a fawn (being a common target of predator.) and a serpent (being a predator.) The use of the names together is an affectionate way to describe their relationship (I'm your LOVE predator...)