A story by Creator/GeorgeMacdonald that was first published in 1895.

!! This story contains examples of:
* CharacterTitle: Lilith is a character, and the story is called Lilith.
* DiedInYourArmsTonight: [[spoiler:Lona]] dies in [[spoiler:her]] true love's [[spoiler:Vane's]] arms after [[spoiler:she's]] killed by [[spoiler:[[LukeIAmYourFather her mother]], Lilith]].
* EvilIsDeathlyCold: At first it seems to be played straight, but is ultimately subverted.
* GoodIsNotNice: Many of the good characters in ''Lilith'', but especially Mara.
* GreatBigLibraryOfEverything: Mentioned.
* OffingTheOffspring: [[spoiler: Lilith]] in ''Lilith.''
* TheVamp: Lilith.