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Kire is a Norwegian young adult Urban Fantasy bookseries written by Tonje Tornes set to have 3 books but is ongoing with only the 1st book given out.

Erik's mother has killed a young woman, and he was the only witness to the incident. He refuses to talk about it, because the whole thing is quite impossible. It wasn’t a human being she killed, but a hulder. They both saw her, a hulder who tried to lure him away with her. Now his mother has been sentenced and put away, and other hulders are on the prowl for Erik.

Erik and a group of other teenagers are entangled in a web of subterranean forces in the small rural community, and soon Erik can hardly tell reality from imagination. His only guide in to this world of magic, is the seductive hulder Flora…

The official English page about it is here. And a review is here. Cover illustrator is Elise M. Syvertsen whose DeviantArt is here.

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Kire provides examples of: