Literature / Jane of Lantern Hill

Jane of Lantern Hill is L. M. Montgomery's last novel. Jane lives with her mother and wealthy grandmother in the city of Toronto. She is miserable under her grandmother's tyrannical rule, all of her talents smothered and any friendships snuffed out. Nonetheless, Jane dreams of happiness for herself and her beautiful but spineless mother. It comes as a surprise, to say the least, to learn that Jane's father is alive and well and living in Prince Edward Island — and he wants to meet her. Reluctant, sure she's going to hate the Island and hate her father and hate everything about it, she sets out — but once in on the Island, it turns out that she and her father are true kindred spirits, and Jane's summers on PEI turn into a magical opportunity for growth, wonder, and joy.

This is a little odd among Montgomery's books for striking a tone somewhere between the whimsical coming of age of Anne of Green Gables, et alia, and the sometimes desperate need for love and beauty in the lonely, adult The Blue Castle.

Tropes found in this work