[[caption-width-right:200:''Iron Within, Iron Without'']]

->''From Iron cometh Strength. From Strength cometh Will. From Will cometh Faith. From Faith cometh Honor. From Honor cometh Iron. This is the Unbreakable Litany, and may it be forever so.''

One of the nine Traitor Legions of Chaos Space Marines from ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}''.

They are the [[VillainProtagonist Villain Protagonists]] of Creator/GrahamMcNeill's series of Iron Warriors novels, and also feature heavily in the Literature/{{Ultramarines}} novels ''Dead Sky, Black Sun'' and ''The Chapter's Due''. [=McNeill=]'s novels follow the fortunes of the Chapter after the Literature/HorusHeresy, focusing on Warsmith Honsou and the Iron Warriors assault on the Imperial world of Hydra Cordatus.

!!Novels And Short Stories In The Series
* ''Storm of Iron''
* ''The Enemy of my Enemy''
* ''The Heraclitus Effect''
* ''The Skull Harvest''
* ''Iron Warrior''
* ''The Iron Without''
* ''The Beast of Calth''

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!! Tropes connected to the Iron Warriors

* ArchEnemy: The Iron Warriors to the Imperial Fists.
** Later, Uriel Ventris becomes this to Honsou.
* TheBadGuyWins: It may be a matter of PopularityPower, but the Iron Warriors seem to be amongst one of the most successful Legions, both in-universe and within the franchise. Still, they retain a pretty low victory rate when pitted against the Space Marines.
** ''Storm of Iron'' was the first novel where Chaos had a clear cut victory. In the 2008 reprint, Graham [=McNeill=] says that even the people at Games Workshop were shocked.
* BadassNormal: Castellan Vauban, commander of the Citadel and 383rd Jouran Dragoons, was the one to deprive Honsou of his original arm. An ordinary human, albeit one who had been a student of swordplay his entire life, went toe-to-toe with ''Honsou'', and very nearly ''won''. Unfortunately, Honsou lured him in as he was about to deliver the killing blow and then killed him.
* BatmanGambit: [[spoiler:Honsou pulls one in ''The Beast of Calth''.]]
* ColonyDrop
* CurseCutShort: "Oh what the f-" - [[KilledMidSentence last words of Uraja Klane]], [[{{Mooks}} mook]].
* CyberneticsEatYourSoul: Inverted. Bionics keep most of the Warriors from turning into [[BodyHorror chaos spawn]] and insane mutants. This is more a case of "Chaos eats your soul, bionics help you keep it."
* FiveBadBand: The Warsmith and his lieutenants fall rather easily into place: [[BigBad The Warsmith]], [[TheDragon Forrix]], [[TheEvilGenius Kelmaur]], [[TheBrute Kroeger]], and [[DarkChick Honsou]].
** After Honsou becomes a Warsmith, he leads his own Band: [[BigBad Honsou]], [[TheDragon Cadaras Grendel]], [[TheEvilGenius Etolph Cycerin]], [[TheBrute the Newborn]], and [[DarkChick Ardaric Vaanes]].
* ExactWords: The sorcerer in "Storm of Iron" is promised by the Warsmith that he will not be killed. [[spoiler:Being turned into a blob of mutated flesh isn't technically killing.]]
* FrameUp: In "The Heraclitus Effect", the bombs Honsou uses to kill a world are painted in Ultramarines colours, pretty much just out of spite.
* MadScientist: The Iron Warriors are firmly established as being the best engineers within the traitor Legions, particularly as siege engineers, but they seem to be the Legion that has made the most forays into mad science. Their achievements include: the Daemonculaba, which transforms [[spoiler: [[CloneByConversion kids into twisted Astartes warriors]]]]; and having the most [[HauntedTechnology daemon engines]] outside of the Dark Mechanicus.
* MoreDakka
* TheReveal: The Citadel on Hydra Cordatus is housing [[spoiler: a massive stockpile of Space Marine progenoids]], which is to be used for future [[spoiler: Foundings]]. To ensure its safety, the Adeptus Mechanicus has been [[spoiler: slowly poisoning the regiments stationed there]] to make sure that no one stays long enough to discover it.
* SiegeEngines: A solid component of their [[PlanetOfHats hat]].
* TheSpock: Often used as a contrast to the HotBlooded World Eaters or the...[[SenseFreak weird]] Emperors Children.
* TankGoodness: Probably the most tank-heavy of all the legions of Chaos.