Literature / Holding Out for a Hero: Gustav Stresemann Survives

This would probably be plain "Holding Out for a Hero", but some friend nicked it.

This is a work of Alternate History written by Scott Blair, known as "Faeelin" over on the discussion board of (home of Look to the West, Decades of Darkness, Superpower Empire: China 1912 and The Series), where it is published as a serial.

The timeline is of course about Gustav Stresemann, interwar German statesman and victim of what was perhaps the worst-timed stroke in history. It goes on to explore the consequences, first in Germany and then, as the ripples expand, across the world. The absence of Nazi Germany doesn't mean nothing but sunshine and rainbows by any means, however.

The story is told partly as third-person vignettes from the altered world, partly in an authoritative and impartial history-book tone, the whole sprinkled with footnotes which are sometimes purely informative but just as often display the author's characteristic sarcastic wit.

Read it here. Or the After-Action Report version here. In addition, here's the timeline's profile on the Wiki.

This story provides examples of :