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Literature: Have I Got a Book for You!
Have I Got a Book for You!

Have I Got a Book for You! is a picture book written and illustrated by Melanie Watt focused on the antics of a fast-talking salesman who is trying his hardest to get the reader to purchase the book. The book begins with the salesperson, Mr. Al Foxword, introducing himself and telling readers that he can sell anything, such as an icebox to a penguin or an umbrella to a fish. As the book continues, he tries a series of increasingly desperate tactics to get the reader to purchase Melanie Watts's Have I Got a Book for You! Naturally, the book makes heavy use of a number of commercial tropes, so many that one almost suspects Melanie Watt has read that index.

Contains examples of:

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alternative title(s): Have I Got A Book For You
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