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The dead will come up from the sea.

A sprawling fantasy blog-novel in progress, written by Micah E. F. Martin.

The Godhead of the Immortal Moth-King is set on the fantasy world of Cthun on the continent of Machen in the year 1511 dating from the founding of the now-defunct Thulhun Empire, a Byzantine oligarchy crushed by an army of monotheist desert-dwelling natives, the Machi. With the Machi now in power, Machen has become a theocracy under the Hierophant, a Reasonable Authority Figure loved and respected by his people. All, however, is not well. An enigmatic rebel alchemist-priest has seized power in the south, burning and slaughtering adherents to the Machi religion without mercy or hesitation. The first chapter of Godhead deals with the lives of nine inhabitants of Machen caught up in the turmoil of the rebellion while a sudden plague of mysterious events throughout the Empire suggest that the war may be more than it seems. The second chapter, ongoing, follows several characters in and associated with the decadent Thanocracy of Maturin as their dead leaders begin to read signs of impending doom.

Surreal, decompressed and sprawling, the novel has a massive planned arc with each continent being treated to three separate story rotations (each continent has a cast of characters who will feature in three different "Chapters" during each of which they appear three times for a total of over two hundred planned segments).

Godhead can be found at Godhead of the Immortal Moth-King

The tropes dealing only with characters and events in and around the continent of Machen:

The world of Cthun is changing.