''Franny K. Stein'' is a series of children's chapter books by Jim Benton, [[HeAlsoDid who also wrote]] ''Literature/DearDumbDiary''. They focus on Franny, who at the tender age of seven is already a practicing mad scientist who turned her own room into her lab. With the aid of her assistant Igor, a dog, Franny is constantly performing experiments. Unfortunately, do to Franny's relative inexperience with life, she rarely thinks her experiments through. This usually leads to all kinds of trouble, which Franny and Igor then have to fix.

This book series contains examples of the following tropes.

* AnAesop: Every book has one.
* AmplifiedAnimalAptitude: Franny's dog has intelligence comparable to a monkey or an ape.
* CreepyChild: Franny pretty much lives this. She routinely has bats in her room. No matter how many times her mom gets rid of them, they just keep reappearing. Franny doesn't get them form anywhere, they just show up, because they like her. In the first book Franny actually tries to get away from this, to fit in. In the end, however, the other students learn to accept Franny for who she is, though they're still kinda scared of her.
* DrFakenstein: Franny, as if her full name didn't make it obvious already.
* EmbarrassingMiddleName: Kissypie, Franny is so embarrassed by it that she goes back in time to change it. She chooses Kaboom instead, [[spoiler: but everybody laughs at that too.]]
* FutureMeScaresMe: Teen!Franny is much more abusive to Igor than the Kid!Fran and has plans to hurt all of Fran's classmates. Why? [[spoiler: [[EvilIsPetty She just can't let go of being made]] [[SpaceWhaleAesop fun of for an]] EmbarrassingMiddleName.]]
* OrphanedSeries: It's been nearly a decade since the last book was published, making this trope more than likely. Benton probably realized the ''Literature/DearDumbDiary'' series was more profitable.
* [[TeenGenius Kid Genius]]: Franny is this, full stop. She builds complex machines and has demonstrated expert knowledge in chemistry, robotics, and bioengineering. In the first book Franny actually produce's a functioning Frankenstein's monster out of luncheon meat and batteries. Did I mention she's only seven years old?
* LethalChef: Surprisingly averted. Franny is a fairly capable cook. She takes cooking classes in her spare time and routinely cooks gourmet dishes for herself.
* MadScientist: Franny.
* TwoFaced: In one book, Franny invents a suit that literally allows her to become this.