Literature: Fourteen

"I was fourteen when I was abducted. Fourteen when I learned my true past. Fourteen when I met my dad for the first time. Fourteen when I woke, surrounded by dead bodies. Fourteen when I realized I had killed said dead bodies. Fourteen when I met Nate and Khloe. Fourteen when I ceased to be Sunni Russo. Fourteen when I became a hideous monster."
—Sunni Russo, prologue

Yes, this is one of those vampire books. Sunni Russo is abducted from a grocery store and taken to a hotel, where she is changed into a vampire. After a week of sleeping, she awakens to find that she went on a rampage, and learns of her newfound thirst from friends, Nate and Khloe.

Not to be confused with 14 by Peter Clines.

Fourteen provides examples for the following tropes:

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