Literature / Fool On The Hill

Fool on the Hill is a novel by Matt Ruff, but it's also a novel by Stephen Titus George, the main character, and it's a novel by Mister Sunshine, a godlike being who writes books out of reality instead of on paper.

It's a magical fantasy novel not unlike older works like Jurgen, where the characters range from aware of their own genre nature to utterly unaware of it. The muse Calliope, Puck himself, a living mannequin, a talking dog named Luther, a kind of motorcycle gang named the Bohemians (one member, Ragnarok, defines several tropes) and Aurora Borealis Smith all contribute to the tapestry of the two struggling authors trying to define the ultimate outcome of the story.

This book provides examples of:

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Ragnarok's speech to bully Jack. "Because I know the devil, Jack...and I know where you live."