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Literature: Flower Fairies
The World is very old;
But every Spring
It groweth young again,
And fairies sing.
Flower Fairies of the Spring

The Flower Fairies are a series of illustrations by Cicely Mary Barker, which feature in a series of children's books, often accompanied by poetry. The drawings are Pre-Raphaelite influenced, and notable for their botanical accuracy.

The Flower Fairies themselves are small, childlike fairies, often with butterfly-like wings. Cute and sweet-natured, if occasionally mischievous, they are each associated with a different flowering plant, and dressed to resemble that plant.

The books in the series are:

  • Flower Fairies of the Spring (1923)
  • Flower Fairies of the Summer (1925)
  • Flower Fairies of the Autumn (1926)
  • A Flower Fairy Alphabet (1934)
  • Flower Fairies of the Trees (1940)
  • Flower Fairies of the Garden (1944)
  • Flower Fairies of the Wayside (1948)
  • Flower Fairies of the Winter (1985)

More information about the Flower Fairies, including illustrations of the fairies and a biography of the author, can be found on their official website.

The Flower Fairies provide examples of:

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