Literature / Familiar

Familiar is a fantasy novella by troper Jewelled Dragon (also known as Katz), inspired by the likes of George Mac Donald, Hans Christian Andersen, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien. Katz doesn't aspire to their level, but hopes to capture the essence of the modern fairy tale—succinct, mysterious, and beautiful.

The clashes of noble princes and powerful magicians are nothing but rumor in the village where Proserpina, a witch's familiar, first becomes intrigued by the lives of humans. She prevails upon her mistress to transform her into a human, but she has no chance to revel in her new form. A star has fallen. Dark forces are making dark plans that threaten to pull her and her mistress in. And Proserpina discovers that she is not completely human after all...

This story provides examples of: