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Literature: Eye of the Wolf
It's been ten years since Blue Wolf lost his eye and pack in an accident, and was shipped off to various zoos. Since then, he's had as little to do with the humans as possible, mostly ignoring them. That's all very well until Africa, an african boy, comes and stands outside his pen, watching for several days. Eventually, Blue Wolf gets fed up, and starts staring Back at Africa. The two then share the stories of how they came to be there.

Originally written in French (under the name of 'L'îil du Loup') by the French author Daniel Pennac, but later got translated into English, and won the 'Marsh Award for Children's Literature in Translation'. It's pretty short and can be finished in a couple of of hours, and also a bit rare, but definitely worth taking a look at.

This book includes examples of:

Children of the MindXenofictional LiteratureFelidae
Erec RexChildren's LiteratureFablehaven
The Exploits of EbenezumLiterature of the 1980sThe Eyes of the Dragon

alternative title(s): Eye Of The Wolf
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