Literature / Explain Menstrual Periods To Me Like IAMA Cis Man

Explain Menstrual Periods To Me Like IAMA [Cis] Man is a short piece of Interactive Fiction by Kevin McGowan, in which the male protagonist experiences a heavy period. It's based on a comment McGowan posted to Reddit in response to a thread of the same title.

Explain Menstrual Periods To Me Like IAMA [Cis] Man contains examples of:

  • All Periods Are PMS: The unrealistic elements of this trope (i.e. limiting PMS symptoms to irritability) are averted. The PMS symptoms themselves, however, are played spectacularly straight.
  • Ambiguous Gender: As the title suggests, the protagonist is a cis man, but this isn't made explicit in the text of the story.
  • Author Appeal
    "I'm also a guy, but I'm trans, so I used to have periods. Nasty ones. I don't miss that shit."[1]
  • Color Motif: No prizes for guessing what the bright red links symbolise.
  • Hermaphrodite: Implied; the protagonist isn't mentioned as noticing any changes to his genitals, but since he's experiencing a full-blown menstrual period, he's presumably acquired a uterus and some kind of extra orifice.
  • Morton's Fork: Whenever you decide to let the protagonist deal with his increasingly bloody crotch, it's going to be gross.
  • Second-Person Narration: As is typical of interactive fiction.
  • Shower Scene