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Literature: Dragon Slippers
A series of three novels by Jessica Day George, Dragon Slippers, Dragon Flight, and Dragon Spear.

Creelisel, called Creel, is no ordinary girl. How many girls, when offered up to a dragon, can talk their way out of it? Not many. But not only did Creel do it, she went one step further. She convinced the dragon to give her a piece of his hoard; a pair of fine blue shoes. Dragon Slippers.

How many commoners could befriend a prince their very first day in the capital city? How many humans could befriend the King of Dragons? How many farm girls could stop a war?

No, Creel is no ordinary girl.

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Dragon Slippers contains examples of:

  • Cool Old Guy / Cool Old Lady: The Duke and Duchess of Mordrel would qualify as these if they had more screentime.
  • Dragon Rider: Appears to some degree in all three books, but featured most heavily in Dragon Flight, when the dragons are being mind-controlled by another dragon into the mindless steads of an invading army. Overall, dragons are happy to give rides to their friends, provided they ask first.
  • Royal Brat: Princess Amalia
  • The Protagonist: Creel, although she does have some trace elements of both The Hero and The Chick.
  • Standard Heroine Reward: King Caxel offers to marry Creel to his elder son Miles. Creel turns him down, but later muses that King Caxel offered the wrong prince.
  • Textile Work Is Feminine: Seamstressing is Creel's day job. Embroidery is her gift.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: King Milun the First. While everyone thinks he was a great friend of the dragons, explaining their participation in Feravelan wars, Milun really cut hide from the Dragon Queen to make the titular slippers, using their power to make slaves of the dragons. Shardas the Dragon King and his people all know this, but what no one knows until Creel starts poking around Feravel's dirty laundry at the end of the first book, is that Milun imprisoned Dragon Queen Velika in the palace catacombs rather than killing her.

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