Literature / Do A Jazz

Do A Jazz is a series of somewhat-comedic short stories centring around a grouop of childhood friends who now live and work around a coffee shop and/or jazz bar by the name of the Seduce Café (which everybody swears was named by somebody else, but which was really named by Michael and Louise). The majority of the plotlines centers around the resident Jazz Band Do A Jazz and how much they appear to hate each-other, and the general relationships of those that live and work in and around the Seduce Café.

The tropes used are:

  • Actually, I Am Him: How Laine and Louise met James for the first time. Having known him on the internet for a while but not actually knowing exactly what he looked like, they wer rather confused by exactly where he was, so asked the nearest person, who turned out to be him.
  • Alt Text: Laine's commentary on the short stories either James or Louise narrate. Due to his to-the-point nature, they tend to be heavily condensed versions of a few paragraphs' worth of Purple Prose, while both James and Louise are prone to.
    • For example, after Louise has spent two paragraphs explaining how a saxophone works, he comments, "Alternatively, you need to blow between the reed and the mouthpiece or it hisses."
  • Backhanded Apology: Louise delivers a particularly scathing one to Laine, to the extent that it makes him cry.
    "Well, God, you ridiculous idiot; I'm terribly sorry if stating EXACTLY WHAT IS TRUE causes you offense! Because I am completely correct, and I refuse to concede on this argument, because we've had it so many fucking times!"
  • Curse Cut Short: Laine adores doing this to Louise.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Laine and James both wear eye make-up to perform.
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Louise possesses "exactly one dress", which she has had since she was fifteen (she's now twenty, and justifies this with "I lost a lot of weight"), and which only gets worn when she plays. She is also wildly opposed to eye make-up.